The Idea is Born

I’m Building a New Home in RiverTown!

Although my decision to build a new home probably seems to some like an impulsive move, the idea has really been sitting in the back of my mind for quite a while.  I have been itching to move to a larger, more entertainment-friendly home for over a year, because of my love of entertaining and a desire for more space in which to do it. I currently live in a very limiting 1500 s.f. patio home with only a breakfast bar and a cramped eat-in kitchen (so cramped that once everyone is seated, if anyone wants more food, everyone has to stand up to let him out—sort of like sitting in a large booth!) My family won’t allow me to host family dinners because of the cramped interior, limited parking, and virtually no outside views. While the home works ok for little ol’ me, I have longed for a home in which I could entertain friends and family ever since I down-sized over 10 years ago-- So much so, each time I go out to show property, I find myself considering whether I would be happy in whatever communities and homes we visit.

 I have shown property to buyers and toured the RiverTown models and amenity center several times so was somewhat familiar with the neighborhood, but when I visited a Realtor Grand Opening of the newly opened River Club several months ago, I loved  what I saw.  Then I received a mailer inviting me to the grand opening of a new RiverTown neighborhood, Northlake, with homes starting in the low $220’s. That really caught my attention! You see, I am currently debt-free, and I did not want to increase my living expenses, keeping in mind my desire to work a little less and volunteer my time a little more as I “mature”. i would only consider a move if I knew I could pay off the mortgage before I retire within the next few years.

So, with mailer in hand, I visited the RiverTown Sales Center, models and several homes under construction with my Mattamy site agent, Leslee a little back in July.  My original plan was to explore the cost of the smallest floorplan in the Homestead neighborhood, which is walking distance to the new River Club.  We toured all of the amenities, which I loved.  Especially the River House which spurred all sorts of ideas for functions I could hold there.

I called my son, Forrest and made him and his girlfriend tour the neighborhood, then called my daughter/life coach, Megan to discuss the best way to make the right decision for me.  She encouraged me to determine what outcomes I hoped to achieve and analyze whether the move would do that.  She also told me to look at all of the possible downsides and determine what the true risks would be and how I would respond to them.  If I was comfortable with both, I should make a decision based on that analysis and not be influenced by others who have different needs and objectives.

So I did, and I jumped into the RiverTown Experience!