Jaguar Tailgate Party

During the off-season, The Cafe at the River Club is open Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon and evening. Sunday afternoons, RiverTown residents are invited to enjoy the Jaguar Football games on the TVs, both inside the Cafe and Game Room, and outside on the many outdoor TVs. I attended my first “Tailgate Party” a few weeks ago and shot this brief video to give my friends a flavor of the many fun events sponsored by the community.

Sunday Afternoon Tour

I’m so excited that my loan is approved and I am moving forward! I take every opportunity I can to visit the community and explore all of the various amenities available to me now that I have an approved contract! I shot this quick video tour of the Paw (Dog) Park, the Community Garden, the River House Amenity Center and the Amphitheater. I also took a quick swing by my lot to see if anything was happening yet, but knowing I would still be in the permitting stage for the first 2-3 months. Thank you St. John’s County!! This is part of the reason why Leslee warned me early on that it takes about 8 months from Contract to Close.

Loan Approved!

As it turned out, my accountant had done a little too good a job limiting my taxable income on my last two tax returns, so they didn’t meet Mattamy Home Lending’s requirements. (Be careful with your write-off’s if you will be applying for a home loan in the next year! You may need to pay more taxes than you’d prefer!)

Although this appeared to be a hick-up at first, as I started looking at my options, I discovered that one of my favorite lenders, SWBC Mortgage, is a back-up preferred lender for Mattamy Homes, and my inability to qualify with their in-house lender allows me to use another preferred lender of my choice and still qualify for my incentive. In my case, what looked like a bad outcome actually will save me some fees in the long run! SWBC will base my final approval on one year’s tax return, and since I won’t close until next Spring, it can be my 2018 return. Hallelujah! Now all I need to do is sell enough houses by the end of the year and limit my expenses to show the required income on this year’s tax return.

Crisis averted—I’m Pre-Approved and able to move forward!!